Wilton Said… Newsletter #89

    The summer was spent doing things which might normally happen during any given summer.  I drank a bit of wine, read comics, relaxed, went to the UK, and spent a few days camping in the rain. :(  Guitarist Chris spent some time doing some work in his back garden rebuilding his garage.  (Sounds like fun!)  Drummer Peter spent his time with his family removed from the hustle and bustle of the city at his cottage.  Bassist Frank… I'm actually not to sure what he does to relax.  I think he just plays bass and spends time with his wife and dog.  With all this good time summer feeling going on, we did manage to continue our rehearsals and we've now actually started recording.  
    The past two weekends saw Peter laying down his drum tracks which went amazingly well.  He's a very solid drummer and has come up with great fills and parts to the songs.  Later on today I'll be heading over to Chris's place (our rehearsal space and recording studio) to sit in on bassist Franks recordings.  I don't expect this to take very long as Frank is also an extremely solid player who knows how to lock into any groove.  At some point Chris will be recording his parts which I'd like to sit in for as I have some additional ideas I'd like him to try out.  After that it'll be time for my vocals although probably not for another two weeks as I currently have a ragging sinus cold which usually takes a few weeks to clear up.  So over all, with regards to recording, things are moving forward.
    Hopefully we'll have this new release recorded, mixed, mastered etc by late fall.  However, the release date will probably be closer to our Release show which will be sometime next year.  Until then, if you find yourself in need of any Wilton Said… music, check out http://www.wiltonsaid.com/music

Until next time…



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