Directed and Edited by Ben Stacey - Ben Stacey Youtube Channel
Additional Direction and Location by Patricia Aldridge.

The song "Pretty" can be downloaded via

Paddy's Videos

Below are videos shot, produced and edited by Paddy Aldridge who helped out, did additional directing, and supplied the location for the "Pretty" video
It turns out she has been interested in adding a new dimension to her video productions and asked if she could use my songs for inspiration. 
I of course said YES and have enjoyed the interesting the results.

For more videos by Paddy, please check out her Vimeo Page

Live March 14th 2015 Tremble Release Show

Opening Solo Acoustic Set

A Family Affair

Thanks to Paddy for this Video rendition of the song "A Family Affair". 
You can check the song out at

City on the Water

Thanks to Paddy Aldridge for this visual interpretation of the song City on the Water.

If you like it, feel free to check it out at

Heavy Motion

Hope you enjoy this tasty visual extravaganza of Heavy Motion.

The song "Heavy Motion" can be downloaded via


All for You

Another video by Patricia Aldridge.  Live footage taken from the "Pretty" Post Video Release Show on Saturday February 16th 2013 at The Black Swan.
Studio version of All for You can be found and bought at the Bandcamp Logo below.

Endprphin Crash

This video was shot with me standing in the rain in front of various brightly coloured backgrounds.  Enjoy.
Endorphin Crash can be purchased via...