1. The Telling

From The CD "The Butterfly Plague".

Music and Lyrics by Wilton Said...
(c) 2004 Saidstyle Productions


Telling you
was the best thing I could've done.
Telling you
was the worst thing I could've done.
I let myself out,
no more pines and maples for shelter,
no more Billy-Boy for me.
One less butterfly for me.

Telling you mends
Telling you destroys.

One less shadow, to hold my secrets.
One less halo, to preach to god.
One less beggar to ignore.

One step closer to mom.
One step closer to you.
One step closer to truth and me.

Close to my relief.
Closer to my joy.
Closer to the outside.

My breath and air
My voice and sound.
My sex and pleasure.
My feelings and emotion.
My thoughts and intellect
are on show.

Telling you destroys,
Telling you mends
in this circus alive.

From The CD "The Butterfly Plague".