1. All for You

From the CD "Broken". Music and Lyrics by Wilton Said... (c) 2001 Said Style Productions.


I used to be sad, now I’m happy and gay.
I’ve blown those grey skies away.
Oh I’m just a happy lad, now my heart is oh so glad
Since I met you.

Now everyday is bright, when I catch you in my sights.
You blow those gray skies away.
I’ll give you everything you ask, just to get you in the sack.
All for you.

I’ll buy you furs and fancy rings and shiny diamonds.
A stereo, a T.V., and a car.
A silky necklace, made up of pearls.
Just to spend the night with you.


I'll buy you furs.... night with you.

Though it may seem, that I’m desperate enough.
Don’t take my feelings for granted.
You know I’m just a happy lad, I'll give you everything I have,
All for you.

From the CD "Broken"