Wilton Said… Newsletter #86

Hope everyone is well.

Wilton Said...
Some subtle events happening in my musical world.  As mentioned in  the last blog, Drummer Richard Rizzo has parted ways with us to spend more time with his family.  His other band Second Pass has also taken up more of his musical time and we all felt it best for him to concentrate on that.  All the best to him.
We're in the process of looking for another drummer and have had a few possibilities, however in the end they didn't work out.  So the search continues.

Bassist Deb Ray (who was filling in for Frank Heisler) has also relinquished his bass duties to spend more time with his family.  The timing for this was perfect as Frank has been feeling much better and is able to return to the band.  We'd like to thank Deb for all his hard work in keeping the live experience of Wilton Said… alive over the past few years.  And of course we're happy to see Frank back in working order.

Once we settle on an appropriate drummer, we hope to get work on a new recording which should feature at least one new song called "Tremble", and a few re records of some older songs.  These older songs were featured on the first Wilton Said… cassette and the first CD World up my Ass.  If you're wondering which songs, you'll have to wait and see.

Rock Opera
Another vocal character part was completed earlier this year.  Much thanks to Glenn Sevillo for his excellent voice and interpretation.  Presently, recording has started for the Government Official character part and we're in the process of trying to schedule more recording time.  Still looking for a female voice for a character part however.

All the best


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