Summers End

Well the summers rolling to an end and it'll be back to school and work for most if us.  That includes the band and I as we start rehearsals again for the next Wilton Said... release.  Over all it's been a great musical summer as I've had the chance to see a few of my top favorite bands.  Rush and Iron Maiden both made stops in Toronto at the Molson Amphitheater, and my wife and I saw a few great bands such as Heaven and Hell, Marillion, Zappa Plays Zappa, and Steve Hackett in England at the High Voltage Festival. 

I also picked up the new release from Steve Hackett called Out of the Tunnels Mouth which is just fantastic.  For those of you that don't know, Steve Hackett was the guitarist in Genesis before they went all poppy and poopy.

The latest Iron Maiden release called The Final Frontier has been playing in my house for the past few weeks also.  It's a pretty good album with some new textures not heard before by Maiden and does have some progressive rock influenced moments.  Overall a release that an iron maiden fan would enjoy.

Anyways, time to go off to bed at this late hour as I've earlier returned from a prog gig by tribuite band Drukfarben who do covers of Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant and others.  A great time.

Please feel free to check out and download the free compilation called Hand Plucked at


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