Recording Bass, Keyboards and Guitars

It's been a busy and productive few months with the Wilton Said... recording.  We finished recording Richards drum tracks just over a month ago with very little trouble.  I say very little because we did end up having to rerecord drums to one song after power was lost to the recording unit when "Someone" accidentally jiggled the plug of the unit.  Nonetheless, rerecording of the track was done the next week without incident.

The following two weeks were spent recording with Bassist Frank Heisler tearing through the songs with a tightness and confidence of a seasoned professional.  Following that I decided to get a head start on my keyboard parts as I originally was going to do them after the guitars.  The recording went so well and easy that I ended up completing all my keyboard parts earlier then anticipated.

The past few weeks consisted of recording Guitarist Chris Reid's parts.  I find recording Chris's guitar parts the most difficult as I'm probably more picky with him then any of the other parts.  This is mostly due to the fact that I myself am also a guitar player and that the songs were mainly written on guitar.  As a result I have some preconceived ideas on how I want the guitar to sound.  My sound and style however is completely different to Chris' sound and style, something which I need to get used to.  So far he's recorded 3 tracks successfully with some direction from me without any fist fights. :)  We will be continuing over the next few weeks with me recording vocals in-between guitar sessions.

Over all, everything is sounding great (do you expect me to say everything is sounding like crap?) and hopefully everything will be ready for mixdown by the middle of May.


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