NUANCE May 19th Show

Well it's been an exciting ride leading up to this show.  1st it was difficult finding bands to play with, but thankfully Vermillion Skye stuck by for the whole planning process. Then a week before the show our bass player developed a serious medical condition forcing him to pull out of the show. I had to decide whether to cancel the show and disappoint the other band or carry on. I decided to carry on and we got Bassist Jason Farrar in at the last minute. I'm sure it was a little hectic for him having to learn all the material in a week but he pulled it off and I've heard that members of the audience didn't hear anything off. So thanks again Jason. And of course thanks to guitarist Chris Reid and Drummer Richard Rizzo for the great playing.

The show itself went smoothly with Vermillion Skye playing a blistering set of prog originals. My band and I did a pretty good job also (if I may say so myself). Thanks to all who came out to support the bands. Also, huge thanks to John Santos who runs the Dovercourt Retro Lounge for having us at the venue. He supplied al the PA equipment, bar staff (thank you bar staff) and lights. All for a very reasonable price. Sound Tech and Mixer Les Graham made us all sound so good, thanks. And thanks to my wife Kerry and her friends for maning the door and the merchandise table.

Our set list for anyone that is interested was….

Endorphin Crash
Holiday People
/Gender Bender
Heavy Motion
A Journey
All for You
Shopping Asia
/Drum Solo/ Why Don’t...Road
Half Life
Halos/Shopping Asia (reprise)

The band and I will be taking a break over the summer and fall and we hope to reconvene in the winter for a show, most likely a NUANCE event featuring some other bands also. Until then I'll be working on vocals for the Rock Opera and possibly working with another proggy band.
We shall see.


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