Live Bands, Demo Recording and Title Change

This weekend has been very musical.  First off, I saw Ottawa indie prog band The Rebel Wheel at Clintons Tavern on Fri night.  A great band with some King crimson influences led by David Campbell.   Previously they had been a 5 piece with drums, bass, sax, guitar/vox and guitar/keys.  A few years later they became a 4 piece by dropping the guitar/keys and then became a 3 piece (Sax player Angie is on hiatus having a newborn) with David handling the guitars and keyboards.
The band were extremely tight, and played really well.  It really is a shame that there weren't more people out to see them.  They missed a great show of prog.

The other musical part of my weekend involves recording a basic demo for the song "Simple".  While the other songs were charted and jammed out to give some freedom to the band as to what to play, this song has more specific composed parts and this demo should make it easier to get that across.  So far the recording is comming along fine, but i have to keep telling myself that it's only a rough demo as I have the tendancy to want to record a perfect take. 
Over all, I'm happy with the way the song has turned out and it'll be much better once the band gets a hold of it.

Lyrically the song "Simple" is my take on living life in a clearer mannor and not getting hung up on the small things.  It's also about accepting that other people have different ways of thinking and doing things which can be just as valid as your own.  For me this has been an important message and lesson in my life as I've tended to believe in the past that "my way" was the best way.  So...., I've decided to change the name of the next release to "Simple" as it reflects my state of mind with regards to my way of thinking.


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