Changing some songs around

Writing for the next Wilton Said... release has been a challenge due to the writers block I had.  However, over the past little while things have become unblocked and I've been able to write a few decent tunes.  However, the song structure and pacing of the release was bothering me as I felt the first few songs would be too prog oriented while the remaininder of the songs were more jazzy and mellow.  This didn't sit with me, so I started to come up with an extra  proggy type song to put near the end of the release to help balance out the proggyness.  I came up with the music for one song and while I think it's O.K., I feel it's too forced.  I also had trouble writing lyrics for it, so I put it aside, picked up the guitar and fiddled around.  I was able to come up with a very simple guitar picking pattern which sounded even better on piano.  From there I continued to write and have come up with 2 sections of music so far, and with lyrics.  For the 3rd section, I'll be using a piece of music which was previously written but had no home.  It seems to fit very nicely as a 3rd section. 

With the way things are going, this is looking to be a longer song, possibly 6 or more minutes, with the song broken up into a few different sections. (I know, how progressive).  At the moment the song is called "Simple", but titles and lyrics have been known to change so we'll have to see if this title sticks.  I'll probably be taking out the song "No God" and replacing it with "Simple" as it seems to give the release a better flow.

Now I just need to finish it, chart it, and possibly demo it for the band guys.


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