Wilton and Barry's Rock Opera - Do You Remember Me? Promo Songs

Ever since hearing Jesus Christ Superstar in 1993 I've wanted to do a Rock Opera.  My first attempt didn't work out and I ended up using the musical material for The Butterfly Plague.  Years later, I tried again and realized that my issue was the lyric writing.  I didn't think my own style of obscure overly dramatic moody lyrics were suitable.   So I put an ad online and found Barry Brown.  After an afternoon of discussion he showed me a few titles and ideas.  One was “Rabbit Proof Fence”.  I thought it was a weird and quirky title and Barry mentioned it was a movie about Indigenous People from Australia.  I looked it up, borrowed it from the library and was horrified at the story of the Government taking away children to be raised as “White” in church/state run schools.  After some more research, we discovered that this was not an isolated event.  Many first world countries including Canada did this.  On a similar note, in Ireland there was the Magdalene Laundries where girls and young women deemed to be not normal, were forced into working and adapting to the Catholic faith.  This was faithfully shown in the movie “The Magdalene Sisters”.  Not only was this an Aboriginal issue, it was a children’s issue, and a human rights issue. 

We thought this would be a compelling story, one which needed to be brought to the forefront of knowledge so that it would never happen again.

Below are tracks from the upcoming release which we hope you enjoy.

Wilton and Barry

Cover design 100dpi

Cast of Vocalists and Characters
Father - Roy McCandish
Mother - Amber Reid
Government Official - Wilton
Male Child - Chris Reid
Female Child - April Stevens
Converted Child - Glenn Sevillo
Child Chorus - Wilton and Amber Reid

Players of Instruments
Barry Brown - Electronic Drums. Keyboards, Textures and Bass Frequencies on "Believe", "You are the One Who Saved Me", "You're Coming Home", "Keep an Eye on the Horizon", and "Arrival”. String Synths on “This is the Way”.
Frank Heisler - Bass on all other songs.
Wilton - Guitars, Keyboards and Textures on all other songs. Guitars on "Believe”,"You're Coming Home", "Keep an Eye on the Horizon”.

The Creators
All Lyrics by Barry Brown
All Music by Wilton … except "Believe", "You are the One Who Saved Me", "You're Coming Home", "Keep an Eye on the Horizon", and "Arrival" by Barry Brown.
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Wilton.
Mastered by Frank Heisler.
Additional Engineer Consultation - Chris Reid and Frank Heisler.
Written, Recorded, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered over the past 10 years or so. It’s been a slow burn.

Graphic Design by Wilton.
Graphic ideas by Barry Brown and Wilton.
Cover photo idea by Barry Brown.
Photographed by Barb Brown.

The Owners
All Songs (c) (p) 2018 by Barry Brown and Said Style Productions except… "Believe", "You are the One Who Saved Me", "You're Coming Home", "Keep an Eye on the Horizon", and "Arrival" - (c) (p) 2018 Barry Brown.
“Prelude”, “Journey Home” - (c) (p) 2018 by Said Style Productions.

This Recording (c) (p) 2018 Barry Brown and Said Style Productions
All songs Socan.