Wilton Said… Newsletter #97

I hope everyone is finally enjoying the warm weather.  I know I’ve told myself that I wouldn’t complain about the heat.  No matter the heat, it’s better than winter. 

Rock Opera 
As mentioned in the last newsletter, mixing has been completed and I’ve spent the last few weeks communicating with Bassist, Engineer and Mastering guy Frank Heisler.  He’s been busy mastering the recording and has been doing a great job.  Early versions were very promising with a few issues of over compression and volume swells.  But after a few weeks of listening to different versions, I think we’ve found a sound that works.  Still a few little piddley things to adjust, but we’re on the right track. 
Lyricist and Co-writer Barry Brown and I are still working out a title and cover ideas for the recording.  Barry has an idea which I think is very strong, we just need to get down and execute it. 

Wilton Said… 
As stated in the last newsletter, I’ve got about 5 songs written for a Wilton Said… E.P.  However, I probably won’t get to recording until sometime in 2018 as there’s still a lot of work to do with the Rock Opera.  In addition, I want to enjoy the summer rather then being holed up inside. 
Overall, events are moving forward. 


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