Wilton Said… Newsletter #96

Rock Opera 
Mixing has been completed as has the mixdown to stereo tracks.  Last weekend Lyricist, Composer and Drummer Barry Brown came over to hear the mixed tracks and he was excited at finally hearing the close to finished tracks.  I say close to finished as even though the mixing has been completed, there’s still the mastering stage where starts, ends, fade outs, volume levels and song markers are adjusted to make for an over all flow from song to song. 
There are a few options for Mastering.  Engineer, composer, vocalist, ex Wilton Said… guitarist Chris Reid has mastered past WS releases and I’ll have to see if he’s up for doing this one.  Bassist Frank Heisler (also ex WS) also does mastering and may be interested.  We’ll have to see. 

Barry and I still have additional things to work on such as an actual title for the project, graphics and cover, short run CD duplication (if applicable in this day and age), stage script, and researching where and how to have this project performed. 

Wilton Said… 
I’ve slowly been putting together charts and songs for a possible Wilton Said… E.P. release.  Three of the songs are written solely by me, while the fourth is based on ideas by Bassist Deb Ray.  I’ve managed to arrange his bass riffs and melodies into parts within a song structure.  This song will feature odd time signatures, key changes, dynamic changes, tempo changes, mood shifts, everything that makes a prog rock song PROG.  It also looks like it’ll be about 15minutes long with lyrics dealing with events that creep into our lives and slowly change who we are without realizing it. 
Not sure when recording will start as I’ve still got work to do with the Rock Opera.  (see above). 

Overall, events are moving forward. 


P.S.  Feel free to have a listen to three pre mastered tracks HERE.

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