Wilton Said… Newsletter #92

A Change of Pace
It's with unfortunate news that I have chosen to say goodbye to the current band members of Wilton Said…  The additional obligations outside of the band has resulted in a difference of commitment levels making it difficult to come together as a truly unified group.  It has been my utmost pleasure to be working with Bassist Frank Heisler, Drummer Peter Karppi and Guitarist Andrei Pestov (who was slated to replace guitarist Chris Reid) and perhaps I will cross musical paths with them in the future.

What About Tremble?
During the later part of 2014, the band and I recorded a 3 song Download only release called Tremble.  For various reasons, we were not happy with the mix and had hoped to remix and release it at a later date.  With departure of guitarist Chris Reid and the joining of Andrei Pestov, we then hoped to re record the guitar and remix the EP.  However, due to the above circumstances this will no longer be the case and the EP shall remain forever in our very own private collection.

Over the next few months I will be working on some solo material which I've felt has never fit the full band format.  This material will be more acoustic and atmospheric based as opposed to the widdly widdly, crunch crunch, boom da boom, whack whack style which I've done in the past.  Stay tuned for more sound bites.

Rock Opera
All the lead vocal character parts have been recorded, hurray!!!  There are still a few songs however which need a chorus of voices and I hope to have Amber Reid (vocalist who sang the Mom part) come in and add her soprano to the mix.  After that, it's mixing time.

Merry Christmas (I've read that some stores already have Christmas stuff out)

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