Wilton Said… Newsletter #84

Things have been a little busy for my musical self, especially the organizational management part. I've got two shows lined up and I'm working on a third one, all for the late summer, fall and early winter of this year. The first one is part of a Fundraiser called Bands for Brothers in Arms. More info below…

Bands for Brothers in Arms Fundraiser Show
Regardless of your stance on any particular war, one can't deny that those who work in the military come into contact with horrific situations. While many men and woman die in the service, we must not forget those who have endured and survived. Especially those who have survived at the cost of injury.

Bands for Brothers in Arms is an annual fundraiser to raise money for Wounded Warriors (woundedwarriors.ca). This is an organization who's primary focus is on mental health and, particularly, the staggering impact of PTSD, perpetrated by Operational Stress Injuries. Overall, however, their mandate is to help any Veteran in need as they transition to civilian life.

The show and fundraiser will take place on Fri Aug 23rd, Sat Aug 24th and Sun Aug 25th in Oshawa at Simcoe's Blues & Jazz (926 Simcoe Street North). My band and I will be playing a set as part of this fundraiser on Sun Aug 25th late afternoon. For more information, please visit http://www.bandsforbrothersinarms.org or www.wiltonsaid.com for more information.

Tickets are $10 at the door and are also available at http://bandsforbrothersinarms.eventbrite.ca
The show is 19+ (18 and under adult accompaniment until 9pm).

Due to the unavailability of bassist Deb Ray, we welcome back Frank Heisler on Bass who has been a past member of Wilton Said… and appears on the recording of Half Life.

Hope you can make it out to support the cause.

Ticket Give away for Sunday Bands for Brothers in Arms Fundraiser Show
I've got two tickets to give away for the Sunday Show of "Bands for Brothers in Arms" in Oshawa which my band and I will be playing at. I'll be giving them away to the person who can email me back the most correct answers to these skill testing questions… (most which can be found via his web site)

1. Who is Chester and how is he related to Wilton Said…?
2. Name one singer and one guitarist who has influenced Wilton.
3. In addition to himself, who has been the longest running member of his band?
4. What is the name of the shows and mini festivals which Wilton puts together to showcase live Art Rock music from southern Ontario?
5. Where does Wilton suggest you walk if you're feeling ugly, down and blue?
6. What film helped inspire the writing for The Butterfly Plague?
7. What British band does Wilton and his wife travel the most distance to see at least every two years?

Please send your answers to info@wiltonsaid.com

NUANCE Mini Festival
Organization is almost done for a NUANCE Mini Festival which will take place in the fall. It will feature myself (and band) along with three other Arty Rocky acts from the larger Toronto and Southern Ontario area. More info to come.

Updated Website
I've made a few modifications to the www.wiltonsaid.com website. Most of the downloadable releases are now via Bandcamp which I think is a fantastic service to indie musicians and fans alike. It enables fans to download music in a variety of file formats such as mp3 (320k, VBR), Ogg Vorbis, Apple Lossless, FLAC and AAC (aka .m4a or iTunes store format). This service is also free to set up for artists and band camp only charges you when your sales hit a certain number. You can view the albums at www.wiltonsaid.com/music

Rock Opera
W.S. Guitarist Chris Reid finished up his vocal contributions to the Rock Opera a onto ago and they turned out great. Over all, that's been 3 voices down, 3 more to go. I'm still looking for vocalists so if anyone knows anyone who might be interested, let me know.


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