Iron Maiden Toronto Concert Review - July 15th 2017 - Toronto - Budweiser Stage Ontario Place

Iron Maiden Toronto Concert Review 
July 15th 2017 - Toronto - Budweiser Stage Ontario Place 

I saw Maiden last year for the 1st leg of the North American tour.  It turns out that very little has changed at this show from the previous show.  The setlist was almost the same, the stage set was the same, the band were pretty much the same (raw).  I’ll give drummer Nicko McBrain credit, however, as I felt this was the tightest I’ve heard him play in a live setting in a long time.  Unfortunately, Bruce’s vocals kept on dropping out and his high notes seemed to get lost.  As I said in my last review, I think Maiden needs to lower the keys of the songs. 
When my wife and I arrived, opening band Ghost was playing and they were very good.  The sound was excellent, so I had high expectations for Maiden.  I don’t know what was going on at the mixing desk but it sounded like the whole mix was being put through a Phaser as every once in a while the high frequencies would drop out and then return. 

In the previous review for the show last year, I mentioned that I preferred the Molson Amphitheater (now called the Budweiser Stage) to the ACC.  I might have to retract that statement.  Sure the sightlines are better, but as stated above, the sound was not.  Additionally, there is a no smoking policy in the seating and lawn area with signs everywhere.  I don’t know why they bothered, as at least a quarter of the place lit up when it got dark.  I did ask a few people around us to stop, but they continued a little while later.  Security was coming around in their bright yellow shirts to ask people to stop, but the smokers would light up again when the security was gone.  Personally, I think they should have a smoking section waaaaay at the back, that way everyone is happy.  Also some security should be plain clothed to catch smokers and boot them out. 

Over all, it wasn’t my favorite experience due to the almost identical setlist, the sound and the smoking. 

Major Spoilers below….. 

Setlist below…. 
If Eternity Should Fail 
Speed of Light 
Children of the Damned 
Death or Glory 
The Red and the Black 
The Trooper 
The Great Unknown 
The Book of Souls 
Fear of the Dark 
Iron Maiden 
The Number of the Beast 
Blood Brothers 
Wasted Years

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