Wilton Said… Newsletter #88 

Work Being Done on New Recording

Yes, you read that correctly.  The band and I are working on some new material to record, and also working on re-recording two older songs.  New drummer Peter Karppi has fit right in and added some new rhythmic dimensions to the songs and has been adding his percussive flair to the newer songs.

The rehearsing, writing and recording will be a little different from the past as guitarist Chris has set up his protools to record the rehearsals.  This was a suggestion that Peter made and it has been working quite well.  In a sense we are making our own rough demos in which to learn and perfect the arrangement and playing of the songs.

One of the new songs called "Tremble", was written after Chris came up with a few whacky and zany sounding chord progressions which I arranged into a song with lyrics.  What's great is that I would've never in a million years come up with this type of progression on my own, so it looks like Wilton Said… will have yet another variation in it's musical style.  Chris has another chord progression based on the fibonacci number sequence which sounds interesting, again nothing I would've ever come up with.  I've been working all week trying out arrangement ideas in my head, but we won't know for sure if it works until we try it as a band, so I'm looking forward to that.

Recording will be different as Chris, Peter and bassist Frank Heisler are all experienced as engineers and have expressed the interest and desire to deal with all the little fiddly engineering things that are a part of recording.  This is great as I've always had an interest in the over all project and would rather others deal with the finer points.  I'm sure their skills and knowledge will make for a great sounding recording.

Once we have the songs we want to record, rehearsed and fairly tight, we'll start recording and start discussing whether this release will be a download only, or hard copy CD.  We'll also need to discuss any visual aspects for the release and the website.  Then it'll be discussing what songs to play for the release party show, book the show, promote the show, and so on and so on.

So over all, things are working out quite well with new drummer Peter, and the new direction for rehearsals and writing.

Until next time…

Vocalist for the band Wilton Said...


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