Wilton Said… Newsletter #100

Wilton and Barry to appear on CWKR’s Spaceman Stans Radioshow “Adventures in Plasticland” this Sat April 28th evening 11:59pm.  https://www.ckwr.com/listen-live-online 

It turns out this is the 100th newsletter I’ve sent out pestering people with information about my musical endeavors.  Thanks to all who have stuck by and given their support throughout the years.  Whether it be through attending shows, buying CD’s/Downloads, being a musician sharing the stage with me, or simply helping out with advice or contacts, thanks soo much.  It’s much appreciated. 

While Wilton Said… as a band may be on hiatus, my work regarding promotion for the Rock Opera “Do You Remember Me?” is in swing.  Both co-writer/drummer Barry Brown and myself have been busy sending out press releases to various media outlets hoping for a bite. 
A good friend of mine who does some work in the theater had mentioned that it helps to have a stage script available for performance purposes.  Together we’ve been working on finalizing a Script for theater production.  The script is great and it really helps to solidify the lyrical storyline which Barry Brown has come up with. 

This upcoming Sat evening April 28th, 11:59pm, Barry and I will be guests on Spaceman Stan’s “Adventures in Plasticland” radioshow on CKWR.  https://www.ckwr.com/listen-live-online.   
Please tune in to hear songs and details regarding “Do You Remember Me?”. 


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