Wilton Said… Newsletter #93

What About the Band? 
You may have seen that last year I parted ways with my band mates due to conflict of scheduling's and outside obligations.  I was going to work on an acoustic based album, but I really didn't feel pulled to do it, so as of now that idea is scrapped.  I put out a classified ad  looking for potential band members to either form a new band or for me to join their band.  The important aspects for me (in additional to musical) would be band mates who share very similar goals as myself.  While I have had a few contacts, they have unfortunately not worked out. 
Another idea which I'm thinking about would be a return to working as a solo artist with musicians backing me up for recording and playing live.  As of now, I have 3 newer songs which could be recorded and I'd probably re record "Tremble".   
For those that are interested in the more technical side of things, I'd set up click tracks for all songs and record a basic drum part and bass part  for each song along with keeper guitars and vocals.  Then it would be a case of hiring a drummer and bassist to come in and re record their parts.  If this takes place, it probably won't be till the fall.  But, we'll see. 

Rock Opera 
Mixing has started, yeah!!!  Well actually, I set up EQ patches, effects and approximate volume levels for a section of one song.  The effects, volume and EQ's for this section will be used as a template for the rest of the recording.  After 3 hours of constant listening, my ears are now burnt and I'll probably resume in a few days as I'd like to relax for the rest of the day. 
Stay Tuned. 


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