NUANCE Art Rock Exhibition

Dovercourt House - Retro Lounge, 805 Dovercourt Rd. West of Ossignton, Just North of Bloor St., Toronto, Ontario

The band and I will be playing a 75 minute set of songs from almost all of the Wilton Said... releases.  We also hope to throw in a few infrequently played surprises for those that have seen us a numerous amount of times.

This event will also feature the melodic Art Rock band Vermillion Skye, who will also play a 75 minute set.

Great value for all those who like their rock with some intellect, musicality and depth.

The host of the evening will be Stan Hilbourn, radio DJ of Adventures in Plasticland on CKWR.  More info on him at

You can also get advance purchase to the show for $8.00  HERE

You can check out info about NUANCE HERE.

Age limit: All ages