1. Fade

From the recording Hand Plucked

From the casette "Wilton Said...". Music and Lyrics by Wilton Said... (c) 1996 Said Style Productions.


How did you do in this world, this life time,
Did you shine on the world or crawl out from the shadows?
Did you make it inside, can you hold your head up high,
Or will you just fade?

Did you reach for the top and get cut down in shreds,
Were all your efforts in bloody vain?
Did the will you once hold, flow out with the blood,
So long ago, you don't feel the pain anymore

So get out of your chair and get back into life.
Don't hold back you can be released.
Sure, you might get burned, but that's all part of the game
Always have a reason to be.
Don't Fade with your life.
Don't rage over strife.
Don't cage in your life.
Don't Fade.