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  1. No Other Way

From the recording Wilton on Guitar

From the CD "World up my Ass". Music and Lyrics by Wilton Said... (c) 1999 Said Style Productions


You've shunned me for the longest time,
You've pushed me aside for too long,
Your laughter has pierced my brain with no shame,
And I feel a strength from within,
A calling from my mind,
Now is the time to show you all
I win.

I will make you realize
As your laughter and taunts turn to cries.

I feel there is no other way
I see there is no other way
I think there is no other way.

You plead and cry for reason
You pretend that you're my friend.
Yet you were no friend to me when you had me on my knees
And now I have the bullet to make you feel my life
One shot to cure me whole is pointed at your head

You say "Remember the good times,
We were so free,
Before the pent up anger,
Friends you and me,
I never meant to hurt you, it was all just a gag
Please let me live, we can go back"

You say remember the good times,
You don't realize that it didn't exist,
I've been kicked around by the likes of you since I remember.
My family, they don't understand, they trivialize my sorrow
it's a phase they say "He's going through"
it's my life I say
"I'm Killing you."