Music Instruction

Teaching and working with children has been a passion for me for the past 30 years.  I believe children, and people in general, learn best when there is an understanding of the needs and learning styles of both an individual and the group, and when these learning styles are addressed, one can ask the right questions to help facilitate thinking and exploration. In this way, an answer or solution comes from within through observation, reflection and conclusion, and this, in turn, facilitates independent thinking which I believe is extremely important in our society.

Currently I teach....
Guitar - Electric and Acoustic at beginner and intermediate levels.
Piano at beginner levels.
Music Theory is taught in conjunction with the above lessons.
Group Lessons for Children with a focus on the exploration of sound and how it relates to counting, listening, sequencing and classification.

Please feel free to email me below regarding lesson availability, location, fees, cover letters, resumes and/or any other questions you may have.

To hear a sample of my playing, please take a listen to some of the songs in the player below.

Guitar - Broken Mind, All for You

Piano and Keyboards - The Empty Sky, Pretty, The Telling.

Thank You