The Musical Weekend

So far it has been quite musical.  I was able to pick up a Queensryche album titled "Operation Mindcrime 2".  For any metal heads, you may have guessed that it is the sequel to the 1988 break throughlease called "Operation Mindcrime".  I listened to about half of it on Sat and it's not bad.  One of the highlights is a song called The Chase which features a duet with Ronnie James Dio on vocals along with Geoff Tate.  Texturally, I find the sound more similar to recent queensryche such as Q2X and most probably Tribe. (I don't have tribe but I've heard a few songs off of it).

Sat night found me visiting a very small bar called the 490 which is located right beside the El Mocambo (spelling?).  It was a friend of mines birthday celebration and he was holding an open jam.  I showed up with my acoustic guitar, voice and kazoo and managed to stay up on stage for 3 hours.  Much fun.  Joining the jam were members of a band called Box Full Of Cash featuring a guitarist named Chris who was just amazing, and a stand up double bass player who held down the groove with his thump thump.  There was also a Saxophonist whose name escapes me, and of cource the Birthday boy himself Rick Hicks.

Today Sun has seen me getting side tracked by adding more photo's to the website while listening to The Cure and AC/DC.

Well that's it for now, as my wife wants to use the computer which means I should go record some guitar parts for the rock musical.

Bye for now.

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