Wilton Said… Newsletter #90

The Band  
    The past few months were spent with the band (guitarist Chris Reid, drummer Peter Karppi, basist Frank Heisler) and I recording our E.P., doing a photo-shoot for the design of the E.P., and rehearsing a lot of older…

Wilton Said… Newsletter #89

    The summer was spent doing things which might normally happen during any given summer.  I drank a bit of wine, read comics, relaxed, went to the UK, and spent a few days camping in the rain. :(  Guitarist Chris spent…

Wilton Said… Newsletter #88 

Work Being Done on New Recording

Yes, you read that correctly.  The band and I are working on some new material to record, and also working on re-recording two older songs.  New drummer Peter Karppi has fit right in and…

Wilton Said… Newsletter #87

Hello and Rock Opera
    Hope everyone is well.  At last, some sunshine and warmer weather.  This positive weather vibe has spurred me to record the vocals to one of the Rock Opera character parts myself.  So far two songs have…

Wilton Said… Newsletter #86

Hope everyone is well.

Wilton Said...
Some subtle events happening in my musical world.  As mentioned in  the last blog, Drummer Richard Rizzo has parted ways with us to spend more time with his family.  His other band Second…

Wilton Said… Newsletter #85

Hope everyone is well. There's been some action in the musical world of Wilton Said… what with the past Brothers in Arms show in Oshawa, the upcoming NUANCE show, an online interview, and some new videos.

Upcoming Live Shows

Wilton Said… Newsletter #84

Things have been a little busy for my musical self, especially the organizational management part. I've got two shows lined up and I'm working on a third one, all for the late summer, fall and early winter of this year.…

Bands for Brothers in Arms

Regardless of your stance on any particular war, one can't deny that those who work in the military come into contact with horrific situations. While many men and woman die in the service, we must not forget those who have…

Wilton Said… Newsletter #83

There's been a few things happening in my musical world over the past few months. First up, the success of the Post Video Release Show in February has given me strength and faith to carry on with the band. It…

Heavy Motion Video

A new video of one of my songs. Made, produced and edited by Patricia Ann Aldridge who helped out, did additional directing, and supplied the location for the "Pretty" video. Hope you enjoy this tasty visual extravaganza.

Wilton Said… Newsletter #82

Hello to everyone. Hope everyones Holidays were a happening affair, I know mine were, especially with some of the Christmas Birthday gifts I received. With the amount of DVD's I now have (Smallville season 1, Battlestar Galactica season 3, and…