The Music is Happening

The music is once again happening.  Rehearsals  for the next Wilton Said... release with myself, Guitarist Chris Reid, Bassist Frank Heisler, and Drummer Richard Rizzo are underway and have been very successfull.  Working on these songs is different then other releases as I haven't made any demos of the songs.  This means there are no preconcived ideas as to how the material will actually sonically sound.  As a result, we've been jamming out different arrangements of sections to find ideas which work best.  It's my hope that the band guys will feel closer to the material as they'll have had a hand in the sound and arrangements.  So far, what they have come up with has been great.  Looking forward to the next rehearsal where'll I'll be able to showcase the keyboard solo which I've been feverishly working on the past few weeks.

The other happy news is that Frank Heisler has been in to record some bass parts for the rock opera.  Recording has been going smoothly and his parts sound great.  At the rate we're working, all instruments will be done by Christmas.  After that it'll be rounding up vocalists for all the character parts.


I know turn my attention back to the Iron Maiden I have playing.
"To Tame a Land"

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