Rehearsing with the Saviour

Rehearsals for the CD Release Show are going very very well, especially considering Bassist and Saviour Debashish Ray has only had a few weeks to learn the material.  While his playing style is a little different then regular bassist Frank Heisler, he's able to play the material with the appropriate groove, low frequency rumblings and confidence that's needed.  Over all, he sounds great.  We've got one more rehearsal to go and then it's the show.  Hurray Hurray!  So for any of Deb's science groupies, this is the time to come on out and see that the man is not only great with his eyes and a microscope, he's also great with his hands and his.... uhm Bass.

I'll say this again and I'll say it often.  A huge THANK YOU Deb for stepping in for Frank for this show. And of course, we all hope for a speedy recovery for Frank so he can get back to playing music.


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