Musical Movies - Across the Universe vs Moulin Rouge

The other day I saw the movie  "Across the Universe", a love story taking place in the late 60's about a guy named Jude and a girl named Lucy. While the story line wasn't much to talk about, the music was very interesting as it featured cover versions of Beatles tunes which were sung by the characters. And sung very well to boot. Most of the versions were different then the originals in that either their structure was changed or the instrumentation was changed.  In some cases, such as with "Come Together" or "Something", the main instrumental riff or melody was subdued and hinted at rather then actually played which gave for an interesting yet great effect.
Over all, I enjoyed it more for the music rather then the story line.

Contrasting "Across the Universe" is "Moulin Rouge" featuring Ewan McGregor and hottie Nicole Kidmen. Like "Across the Universe", the movie features cover version of well known Pop/Rock songs sung by the characters, but arranged differently then the originals. Although I liked the music of "Across the Universe" better (it is the Beatles after all), I thought the story line of "Moulin Rouge" held together much better as did the placement of the musical numbers. To me, when the characters in "Moulin Rouge" broke into song, it seemed more believable then it did in "Across the Universe".
It would be interesting to read opinions of anyone else who has seen either or both movies.


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    Disagree completely! . . . And respectfully.

    Disagree completely! . . . And respectfully.

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