Music for Bydlo - Pictures at an Exhibition

For the next release, I'm looking at doing an arrangement of a classical piece by Mussorgski called "Bydlo" from Pictures at an Exhibition.  Some of you might recall that E.L.P. (Emerson Lake and Palmer) did a reworking of some of these songs back in the 70's.  However, they didn't do Bydlo which is one of my favorite pieces from this suite.  For those who don't know, Pictures at an Exhibition was originally a piano piece with each section inspired by a painting viewed at a gallery.  Bydlo is simply a painting of a lumbering Ox pulling a cart.  The origanal music reflects this perfectly with it's minor key bass 3rds plodding along and the slow melodic minor melody.  For our arrangement, I'm thinking of Guitarist Chris Reids ebow guitar for the melody while Bassist Frank and I carry the bass tones.  It'll be interesting.


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