More Music Please

It appears I may be a very busy Beaver in the next few months or so.  Musically singing that is.  Not only do I have practice and rehearsals with Wilton Said... for the upcoming NUANCE Show on May 19th.  I've also been getting some responses from vocalists with regards to the Rock Opera. This means organizing and co-ordinating schedules to have them come in and record. On top of that, I may be involved with another prog project. Why another prog project you ask? With Wilton Said..., I am the captain and I'm the sole one responsible for promotion, marketing, setting up shows, writing, organizing rehearsals etc etc. While this has been a very rewarding experience and successful for me, it is also very tiring. Plus, it's not like we're rehearsing or playing shows every weekend or even once a month. So I thought it would be a change to be in a more democratic situation with everyone pulling weight with regards to promotion, writing, rehearsals, decisions etc. I'll be meeting up with a guy to discuss all of this to see if we can move forward. Either-way, it won't be the end of Wilton Said..., perhaps just a slightly longer break then usual. We'll have to see.


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