Mixing, Children's Gig and my Voice

It's been an interesting few weeks for me.  I was able to finally see a specialist, D. Brian Hands, about my voice and I seem to have two minor issues.  The first is that I have a very small Polyp on my chords, and the secons is that my vocal chords don't close fully.  I went to another appointment a week later and was given some vocal exercises to do which would help warm up my voice before work, and also help address the issue of the polyp.  I go back again in a few days for more info and stratagies.

Last week had me and the band playing a gig at the daycare where I work.  Unfortuantly bassist Frankl Heisler wasn't able to play the gig and as a result we had Nabil Dursi fill in who did a great job.  We played mainly Beatles tunes and threw in a few originals.  Over all we had a great time playing and the kids had a great time rockin out.

Mixing for the next Wilton Said... release has been going really really well.  So far 4 songs have been mixed and one can expect a more warmer sounding mix this time around.

I'm still waiting on news regarding a Factor Grant for the Rock Opera.  Fingers crosses.


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