Lady Madonna

One of the cover songs the band and I will be doing at the Family Funfair is a cover of the Beatles song "Lady Madonna".  While it's not a hard song to sing as it fits right in my range, it is tricky to play on piano, especially for someone like me who doesn't consider themself a piano player.  The song has a bit of a boogie woogie style going to it, something that I haven't really explored on piano so it's been a challange to coordinate the moving bass line of my left had with the more melodic chordal playing of my right hand.  After a week of solid practicing, I've pretty much got it.  Now I just need to relearn the lyrics as I've been singing the week days out of order.  I've got three rehearsals with the band and I'm sure by then I'll have it all sorted out along with the other songs we'll be playing.

Until next time, See How They Run


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