It's been a while

It's been a while since I last posted and there's been some cool things happening in my musical world.

1st off a shot a music video in Sept which turned out really really nice. It won't be released till the New Year so I won't ruin the surprise by telling you any details except that those select few who have seen it think it's quite entertaining.

For anybody that has visited you might have noticed a slightly new look to the site. I found the previous look was way to narrow on most updated screens. It was more like a brochure rather then a website. After a bit of help and work from the good people at (where my site is hosted) I was able to get it looking better.

Rehearsals have begun for the Dec 2nd NUANCE Toydrive show and they've been going great. Bassist Deb Ray has fitted in very nicely and has been adding some of his jazzy influences to the music. As a side note, a few of the songs in the Wilton Said... cannon have been co-written by Deb and feature his bass playing. So now after so many years he has had to re learn what he originally did on the recording. Over all it's been great. I don't know what it is about my band, but I seem to attract the most nerdy geeky musicians. Guitarist Chris is a dental hygienist and a computer hardware geek. Drummer Richard is an accountant (need I say more). Previous bass player Frank worked in fibre-optic technology, and current bassist Deb is a plant biologist. WTF!!!!? It seems like I'm the only one with a cool manly day time job working with preschool children. :)

As stated above, the band and I are playing on Dec 2nd as part of NUANCE Toydrive along with two other great artists. Please check out for more info and for advance purchases for the show.


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