Fall Time in the City

It's a beautiful day here in Toronto and I've decided to stay indoors for most of it playing video games with my wife.  We've had a bit of a busy weekend with wine buying, seeing a DC Comic themed burlesque show, and visiting family (I'm still trying to figure out which was my favorite) so we're keeping this day pretty relaxed.  Happy Turkey day (or vegan supplement) to you all.

The NUANCE show on Oct 5th at The Hideout was a nice affair with support from some regulars and with some new faces in the audience.  It was a pleasure to see artists Steve Cochrane, Centrifuge and Bolus perform their great sets of prog rock.  My own band performed well in-spite of the crazy lights which threatened to cause us all to have seizures.  For those that care, our setlist was….

In a People Bar
Endorphin Crash
/Gender Bender
Merry Go Round
The Empty Sky
i) The View
ii) Goodbye
iii) Fallen
All for You
Drum Bit/Why Don’t...Road
Half Life

Musically, Wilton Said… band events will now be on the quiet side as the band have their own personal plans for the rest of the year.  I however might do some writing and a bit of recording if inspiration hits.  We'll have to see.  There's the possibility of recording some vocal parts for the rock opera as I've had a bit of interest from a few singers, but we'll have to see how that pans out.

All the best

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