Drum Recording and Flip Flop

The band and I have got one more day of recording Richards drum parts.  All in all it's turning out fantastic and Richard has been laying down some nice solid tasty grooves and fills.  After this Richard will be taking a break from Wilton Said... as the rest of the band continue to record their own parts.

The name of the currently worked on CD will be switched back to "Half Life".  The reason for this flip flop is that after going through some appropriate photos to use for the title "Simple", and doing some rough design work for "Simple", it came off looking like a folk or counrty release.  And I'm sure everyone knows that's not what we're about.  It turns out that the title "Half Life" lends itself more to the Art Rock genre that we're in.

Here's a rough design idea for the cover of Half Life.

For the end result, I'll be using a different picture but applying the same type of effect to it.


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