A little bit of Summer Music.

A few things happening in musical world this Summer.

1st off, British band Marillion will be playing Toronto's Opera House which I'm thrilled at seeing. I'll then be seeing their two shows in Chicago with each night being a completely different set.  As one of my favorite bands this should be highly enjoyable.

I'm just at this moment having a 1st listen to the new Rush album "A Clockwork Angels". It's very very good. So far the highlights have been Caravan, BU2B, Carnies, Headlong Flight and The Garden.  Some of the textures remind me a little of The Cure.  Looking forward to their show in October.

I just got my Iron Maiden tickets for their July Toronto show.  They seem to be into a cycle of doing a new album, touring for new album, and then a retro tour.  I guess this gives the band a chance to play and fans a chance hear newer material, while the retro tours is a focus on older material.  This upcoming July show will feature songs from the Seventh Son album and tour.  While the 7th Son album is not my favorite, there were songs played on that tour, especially in Europe that I'm interested in hearing such as Killers, and Still Life.

Fellow Ontario prog artist Steve Cochrane has also released a new CD titled "La La La: Variations on a Happy Song". It's his best release to date and is a little more off kilter, darker in some parts and a little dissonant in some parts. Over all a great release.

I've been working on learning a song for another prog rock project that I'm involved with. At the moment it has no name except "Peters Band" as Peter is the one who has started it.

One character part for the Rock Opera has completed by a woman named April Stevens. It only toke 3 sessions of 2 hours for her to complete her parts. Excellent job.

I've started looking into another NUANCE event for sometime after the summer. While I'd love to do it at The Black Swan, I'll have to wait till they get their PA issues felt with as last time I played there, there was only 1 Monitor and the PA gave off a loud hum.

Until later

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